Course Description


Rodney E. Allgood

It was a pleasure to speak at your school recently. I hope you took away some lessons that helped you to look at life a little bit differently. Life is simply about the choices that we make and the consequences of those choices.This course will help you to take the things that I spoke of a step further and give you a clear understanding of how to properly navigate this special season of your life. If you learn to win at life at this early age, you will set yourself up for an amazing life ahead! Take advantage of this course, as we get into come "real talk" here and feel free to shoo me a question and I will try my best to respond to you. You ROCK.....remember that! Sincerely, Rodney Allgood

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • WELCOME!

  • 2


    • LESSON 1 - "When We Wake Up"

    • Questions To Ask Yourself - Lesson 1

    • LESSON TWO - "The Five Stages"

    • Questions To Ask Yourself - Lesson 2

    • LESSON 3 - "Dealing With Shunning"

    • Questions To Ask Yourself - Lesson 3

    • LESSON FOUR - "Friends vs Comrades"

    • Questions To Ask Yourself - Lesson 4

    • LESSON FIVE - "Your Search For Authenticity"

    • LESSON 6 - "The Greatness Within"

    • Taking To The Next Level